If there is ever a time to pull Fireweed, IT IS NOW.

The reason to remove it is because IT IS TOXIC! Fireweed is responsible for many cases of poisoning in livestock as it contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids. These chemicals in the body result in a characteristic type of liver damage, damage that cannot be reversed. The damage to the liver is accumulative and can ultimately lead to death.


All parts of the plant throughout its lifecycle are toxic. Hay or silage contaminated with Fireweed can be toxic as it is easily caught up in its dried up form in the feed. The same way it started it’s foothold in our district only recently.

The fields and lawns of the district might be brightened by their yellow flowers, but don’t be deceived. Up to 30,000 seeds can come from a single plant, which is why it has become so wide spread in the Hills over the last 5 years.

It’s so easy to control without weedicide. On your garden property, it’s just a matter of keeping it cut in lawns so as not to let it flower and spread. In paddocks, it is easily pulled by hand. Just remember to dispose of it thoughtfully.

It is possible to stop the spread of this weed and help out our primary producers, stock owners and equestrians. A little work now really pays off in the next season. One good afternoon of work pulling the flowering plants and mowing the rest paid off with a 90% decrease the following time they bloomed.

We have chosen to live in a rural environment and even if we do not own grazing stock, we should helpĀ our neighbours to keep their stock healthy.

You can download a copy of this information in our Fireweed brochure