Madeira Vine

It’s a worry!

Madeira Vineā€”Anreciera cur& folio is a very fast growing vine weed, capable of destroying native vegetation by just smothering it. In NSW it has been declared as noxious weed.

Madiera-Vine-floweringMadeira vine is also known as potato vine or lambs tail vine. It is a vigorous climber which can produce thousands of aerial tubers along its stem. It has light green, wide, heart-shaped, glossy, fleshy 4-5 cm leaves. Until it becomes a problem, it may stay unnoticed and only draws attention upon itself when it flowers in March/April/May.

It produces a dense blanket of 10 cm long creamy white flower spikes that resemble a lamb’s tail. At its worst, Madeira vine produces thousands of small light brown or green potato-like tubers which fall to the ground and sprout. Madeira vine is a plant from tropical South America. It was probably imported to Australia for its attractive white flowers and strong growth habit. It was often planted beside outdoor latrines in Australia, as the leaves were believed to have a laxative effect.

Madeira vine is very fast growing and can cover other plants quickly. It is mostly dispersed by floodwaters and garden rubbish clumping. Some properties “inherited” the tubers of the vine with soils and fill brought in. Those tubers can stay viable for up to 10 years and sprout from quite deep underneath the soil surface. Depending an the size of the plant and the situation it is growing in the control of this plant is difficult and success requires diligence and patience as well as many follow-up visits and repeated treatments. Failure to control Madeira Vine results in the death of mature native trees and loss of native habitats.

The following website will give you more information and show you how to chemically and mechanically remove this weed.