We hope you find the visit useful. Please see this video as an introduction to our group and its aims.

Please drop us a line and give us some feedback. We’re always open to suggestions on how we can broaden our service to the catchment’s community.

Please contact us using the email link on the right for more information or ring Nick Chartorisky on 9653 2056.

Free native plants

The free native plants will be available from us soon but there has been a delay due to high demand on the Hornsby Community Nursery. We can offer this due to a kind donation from a member of the community. See Free Native Plants

The Pleasure of Wildlife

See our recent article on one of the delights of living in our rural community

Our completed project : Carrs Bush

Carrs Bush May 2018 ALL

For more information on this project see Carrs Bush Final Report

See the following articles on our work in Carrs Bush :

Carrs Bush (May 17)

My Favourite Place (Dec 16)

Sept 2018 Carrs Bush Project Completed

Our achievements in 2017/18

  • 11 media articles have been published and are available on the website
  • 11 field days or working bees on private and public land
  • 35 series of physical and chemical water quality tests at 3 creek sites: see results on website
  • 4 samplings/counts of macro-invertebrates as a biological measure of water quality at 2 sites
  • 2 community events with an indigenous bush tucker show at the Arcadia Market day and in conjunction with Hornsby Shire Council gave away 211 native plants
  • Plantings included 498 Blady Grass at Carrs Bush as a border to the road

See our full achievements for the year

Some results from previous work

In 2013/14, we cleared Privet from a property which was infested with bellbirds, which live in the Privet and cause Bell Miner Associated Dieback, a disease which was rapidly killing the Eucalypts. With the Privet gone, the bellbirds then left and other native birds have moved in. The trees have not got worse , but are still not looking good. New trees are now growing. See our report.

In 2012, we planted 200 trees and shrubs for a wildlife corridor at 164A Arcadia Rd, Arcadia.

We have kept them well-watered and see the results! And see our related article.

Oct 2012 and 5 years later in Aug 2017

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Please download the following brochures about our group

Still Creek Landcare brochure

5 Step Guide to Help the Catchment