With the COVID-19 virus lockdown easing, we are back with our regular working bees now opening to all community members. This is how it works:

  • Each month we work on someone’s property
  • We do this for a couple of hours
  • Then finish with morning tea
  • When we have done everyone’s property, we start the cycle again

We follow government advice on distancing, hand washing, not coming sick and having the phone app. Bring your own gloves and tools and if you prefer, your own morning tea things. See our recent article.

Here is a video as an introduction to our group and its aims.

Please contact us with any suggestions or questions using the email link on the right for more information or ring Nick Chartorisky on 9653 2056.

Water quality

We have 12 years of water testing results now available.

Trees for Weeds

We have provided local provenance native trees, shrubs and grasses to locals who have worked on their land to reduce weeds and create canopy and good ground covers. We also provide advice on what plants will suit your property and some starter fertiliser and moisture retention crystals. Now we recommence this again in March 2021. Contact us for further information.

Our project for 2020

“Trees for Weeds Encore” started in April and has just finished “Trees for Weeds Encore” is based on a grant from a private donor and has resulted in 2,744 native plants being distributed to 28 residences during the COVID lockdown. This included species selection according to the particular area and advice on planting techniques and some Terraform starter to help with early water retention and growth. We are very grateful for the donations, as are the recipients of plants and advice. Here are some photos of plantings.

18 Radnor Rd grasses Nov 20 collage


Our achievements in 2019/2020

Our project “Trees for Weeds” was funded by a $1,000 grant from a member of the community via Landcare Australia to provide 4,014 local provenance native plants, Terraform early growing assistance and other materials to 18 residences. They were sourced from Hornsby Community Nursery, provided free of cost and Hawkesbury Community Nursery. This project follows three previous years of similar projects. “Helping Landowners” ran from 1.04.2019 until 31.12.2019 and had $11,237 in-kind contribution from Still Creek Landcare, which involved assessing local species and advising on planting.

We have provided:

  • 11 media articles have been published and are available on the website
  • 8 field days or working bees on private and public land
  • 4 Floating Landcare events attended
  • 41 series of physical and chemical water quality tests at 4 creek sites: see results on website
  • 2 samplings/counts of macro-invertebrates as a biological measure of water quality at 2 sites
  • 1 community event with the focus on habitat, particularly for birds, with examples of weeds and native plants at the November Arcadia Market day.


Please download the following brochures about our group

Still Creek Landcare brochure

5 Step Guide to Help the Catchment