Who We Are

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The Still Creek Catchment Landcare Group started in 2008 at Fagan Park where a group of locals met and decided that our catchment was worth keeping. We are an independent non-profit local community organisation that enjoys the support of the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority, Hornsby Shire Council, Oceanwatch Australia, The National Parks and Wildlife and our Oyster farmer neighbours downstream We work in our community by regenerating Native Corridors, holding regular Working Bees, Support and Sponsor local events like the Sustainamble Horse Management Seminars, Native Grasses for Pastures Seminars and the Arcadia Public School Market Day.

The Catchment is 1,800 hectares and is home for over 400 private residences, farms and businesses. Still Creek runs for about 8 Kilometres before running into Berowra Creek at Crosslands and then to the Hawkesbury estuary. The catchment includes the tributaries Charltons, Halls and George Hall Creeks and parts of the communities Galston, Arcadia and Berrilee.

Our Vision is of a community brought together to provide a healthy catchment environment for our children and future generations.

Our Mission is to inform the community of our catchment on the merits of protecting and improving our land and water quality to the benefit of all in our region.

Our objectives are to work with our community:

  • Generating enthusiasm and providing information
  • Advising on what can be done
  • Providing examples of what can be done

We want to enable people to:

  • Work smartly on their own land
  • Work with neighbours and friends
  • Help across the catchment

Landcare is about good land management practices that improve our yields and extend the life of our properties. Practices that result in improved Water Quality, Soil Productivity and a Healthy Natural Environment for us and our neighbours.

The group

Guiding Principles

  • Drive land and water protection and improvement projects
  • Raise awareness of the importance of a healthy catchment
  • Provide guidance to in sustainable land and water management
  • Foster goodwill in our catchment
  • Base our activities on needs, benefits, priorities and sound judgement utilising scientific data
  • Adopt sound project management methods

You can also download our Still Creek Landcare brochure or view a video about our group.